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KineMaster Pro Mod APK is a fully featured video editing app for Android. This app has every feature that you can expect from video editor software. KineMaster Pro APK Download 2022 Now !!

Ads Free |No Watermark | Chroma Key | 4K Editing | Multi Layer Support

KineMaster Pro APK 2022: Videos are the most impeccable entertainment pattern, and these media forms are the best source to create and store memories. But Do You know that recording isn’t the only chore to do with videos? Editing or Designing is also one of the most critical steps that need to be taken with the captured videos.

Designing means adding lots of effects, filters, and animations inside our recorded videos and making them everyone’s favorite. Well, there was a time when we managed all such stuff with giant PC software sized up to 4 gigabytes, but nowadays, we’ve got advanced in every such stream. Finally, We’ve developed the smartphone’s video editing software to help edit videos more conveniently with handy tools. 

There are several Android applications helping us edit our videos brilliantly and containing the most bizarre resources. But as a professional, we’ll recommend you to use KineMaster. If you’re in the Video Editing stream, then it’s merely impossible that you won’t have heard the name KineMaster before.

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It’s a futuristic Video Editor Android application, covering all the essential Video Editing tools with thousands of impactful resources. Moreover, the app is also ranked as the #1 top-grossing Video Editor app in-between millions of Video Editing applications on the Google Play Store. 

Now, if you’ve made your mind about using the KineMaster App as your default video-editing software, Let me introduce you to one more thing – Premium Subscription!

Basically, the KineMaster is a BOGOF app or contains two different interfaces, Free and Premium. Free is the default version containing all the primary or simplistic features, whereas Premium offers you futuristic tools and resources.

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So today, We’re here with the primary motive of granting you the Premium subscription of the KineMaster app without asking for Money! Don’t worry; We won’t need you to use any credentials like Account ID and Password; elsewhere, you’re required to download an Android application named Kinemaster Pro APK! Got goosebumps, right? Let’s get deep inside our Premium app!

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What is KineMaster Pro APK

Hey, Video Editor Freaks! Have you found dazzling editing software or your dream video editing software yet? Or are you struggling with the online advertisements in-between the free versions of your smartphone’s video editing software?

All problems point to an individual solution named Kinemaster Pro APK. It’s a premium version of KineMaster Video Editor, which is primarily developed to offer you all the professional tools and the paid resources available inside the official KineMaster application free of charge.

kinemaster pro s3

KineMaster Pro APK is basically the same Android application as the official KineMaster app. It can be said as a different version but contains the ditto app interface, resources, and the community stuff. But as an additional feature, KineMaster MOD offers you the Premium subscription of KineMaster free of charge.

If you have already used the official version before, then you must know the costly Premium charges of KineMaster ~ 1299.00 INR annually! So basically, we’re offering you the same thing costing over thousands of Indian Rupees exclusively free of charge.

kinemaster pro s4

KineMaster Pro comes with the unlimited support of professional tools like Video Blending, Video Reverse, Color Pop, Keyframe Animation Tool, as well as Chroma Key support.

It can be said as a direct dive from Zero to Hundred with a single Android application; without paying for the premium subscription. Sounds impossible, right? Try it ASAP!

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Why Choose KineMaster Pro?

Designing a video project in any stream is a lengthy process with hundreds of crucial phases. No matter how careful we are, sometimes we forget to add the most critical phase, which messes up our entire hard work.

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That’s why we need KineMaster Pro APK. It’ll offer you an allowance to use unlimited Video Layers and preview your video at every professional or straightforward step. So you can simply glance at your video simultaneously while modifying it.

Basically, the KineMaster offers to use one of the best video editing tools to support up to 9 video layers per video that you can’t endure in any other such Android app.

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Moreover, it offers a free premium subscription through which you can use all the professional tools and resources without costly payments. So stop using the paid Video Editing applications and being stuck with essential tools. Despite that, Try KineMaster Pro.

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No Ads

Advertisements are the first annoyance of every paid video editor apps. But KineMaster MOD Latest App offers you a 100% ad-free interface to Design, Add Resources, and Export videos without interruption.

No Watermark

Have You got annoyed with the sticky Watermarks on the edited videos? So Download KineMaster Pro 2022 and enjoy the Watermark-free editing.

Chroma Key

Chroma Key is the most impactful and unusual tool available in KineMaster. It’ll offer you that green-screen Visual-Effect editing experience. 

4K HD Support

If you’re a social media influencer or even an ordinary video lover, you can’t ignore Video Quality. That’s why KineMaster MOD offers you unlimited free 4K HD exports.

All Assets Access

Apart from the professional tools and Ad-free access, you’ll also acquire unlimited access to KineMaster’s paid Resources freely inside KineMaster Pro.

Premium Unlocked

Kinemaster Pro is the free Premium Unlocked Android app, where you can enjoy the Premium Subscription costing 1299.00 INR/year free of charge.

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More Features

  • Animation: If you’re a Video Editor and searching for a video editor app containing animation effects, you can choose KineMaster MOD APK. As it offers the free In-Animation effects within the Animation Clip Graphics and Stickers.
  • Transitions Effects: Videos are literally nothing without the transitions, and if you’re a YouTuber, you can simply understand the need for transitions. So apart from animating your video, you can also choose one of the best Transition effects offered inside the KineMaster Pro free of charge, including 3D Transitions, Classic Transitions, Funny Transitions, and PIP Transitions.
  • Multi-Track Audio: Again, as an exclusive feature, KineMaster delivers the Multi-Track Audio support. It means that you can simply add your favorite songs in your video within your voiceover or without your voice-over. Moreover, you can also interchange the audio tracks at some video points at some hard work.
  • Voice Over: That’s the thing that our YouTuber friends were asking – VoiceOver Support. Create the Voice Over videos without using two different Android apps. Just Open KineMaster app, and tap the Voice button to employ this feature on any video.
  • Multiple layers: Multiple Layers can help you in enhancing the simplicity of designing videos. So KineMaster offers you over nine layers per video, which means that even if you’re a beginner, you can simply edit a video with KineMaster.
  • Export Video In 4K: One more advanced feature for all the Video Editing experts, KineMaster provides you with the free 4K Video Exporting ability. It’s the UHD or the most advanced quality that you can also enjoy on Smart TVs without dead pixels.
  • Support All Versions: KineMaster supports all the video versions, no matter which device you’re using to edit or any format you’re employing; it supports each of yet developed video versions, like MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, and FLV.
  • Instant Preview Anytime: Instant Preview is everyone’s most desired feature in Video Editing software. And KineMaster Pro is offering you the same feature free of charge. Basically, you can employ this privilege to preview your video on every single editing step. That’ll help you in reducing the mistakes and editing professionally at the beginner stage.
  • Rewind video: Now, you can turn time around with this app’s Rewind Video tool. It’ll help you a lot in adjusting focal shifts and in-camera transitions simply.
  • Full Shop/Assets Access: If you have never used the KineMaster app before, then let me tell you; It contains a content store. And this store consists of a massive library containing Effects, Transitions, Stickers, Music, SFX Effects, and Filters. So after downloading KineMaster MOD, you can get unlimited access to that library free of charge.
  • All Premium Packs Unlocked: KineMaster MOD APK is an entirely Premium app consisting of all the premium aspects, features, tools, and resources. It offers you all the Premium Packs already unlocked so that you won’t need to struggle for the resources or tools anymore, or no need for any third-party app support.

KineMaster Pro APK

Download KineMaster Pro APK

App NameKineMaster Pro
Size95 MB
Android Required7.0 and up
License TypeFreeware
DeveloperKineMaster Mods
Last UpdatedJanuary 18, 2022

What’s New in v5.2.9.23390.GP


  • Added 3:4, 4:3, 4:5, and 2.35:1 aspect ratio exports
  • Added animated GIF files support module
  • Added support to new Fancy text layer styles
  • Added Slow video feature to 1/8 speed control
  • Major Changes in Color adjustment tools
  • Share edited videos directly on Facebook and Instagram Stories and Feeds.


  • Unauthorize access to assets store fixed
  • Watermark still appearing at the bottom fixed
  • Chroma Key bug fixed.

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How to Install KineMaster Pro APK 2022 on Android?

Installation is not a big deal in the case of KineMaster Pro APK since it’s a smartphone app, and It won’t need you to click the Next button thousands of times like on your PC.

It’s a general Android app that can be merely installed on your smartphone with the default installation process as per your device. Moreover, you can also employ the below guidance for making the installation process more simplistic – 

  1. First, you’re needed to enable the Third Party Installation or Unknown Sources if you haven’t enabled it before. Open the Settings App first.
  2. Locate the Security tab inside the Settings app and click on it.
  3. Now, you’ll find a list of Settings, and you need to search for the Unknown Resources or Third Party Installation toggle.
  4. Click the toggle and enable Third-Party Installation.install kinemaster pro apk on android
  5. Get back to the page and download KineMaster Pro APK from the above download link.
  6. Now, you’re required to Open the File Manager app (System or Third-Party app) and get to the appropriate Download folder.
  7. Search the recently downloaded APK file and tap it.
  8. Now, you’ll get pinged with a prompt notification bar, where you’re needed to Click on the Install button.
  9. Wait for a few minutes till the installation of KineMaster App gets completed, and then Open the App from App Drawer.
  10. Now, you have to allow all the permissions like Camera, Gallery, Storage, and the Internet to help the app work fluently.

After installing the app if you are facing video export problems then you can prefer this guide on How to Fix KineMaster Video Export Problem

Now you’re all excellent and can employ all the KineMaster Premium subscription professional tools with all the Store resources free of charge! Download and enjoy them all!

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What is KineMaster Mod APK?

KineMaster MOD APK is the same Android application as the above-listed KineMaster Pro APK. The only difference between both these apps is the name.

For better understanding, KineMaster Pro and KineMaster MOD are the modified version of the KineMaster official app, developed to offer you the Pro subscription free of charge; That’s why called by both the name, MOD for modification Pro for Pro subscription.

Download Kinemaster Pro For PC

If you want to enjoy all the KineMaster Pro APK’s techie video-editing tools on your PC, then it’s cool, and also, you’ll feel more convenient with your Computer.

Before going ahead, first, you’re needed to download an Android Emulator for your PC, as KineMaster is an Android application, not a Windows version. Afterward, you can download the APK file from the below link and install it merely inside your PC’s Android Emulator.

If you are a Mac user and want to use KineMaster on Mac then you can read this guide – KineMaster Pro For MAC.


KineMaster Pro Infographics


Is KineMaster Pro Free? 

Yes, KineMaster Pro APK is a 100% free Android application since it’s the modified version with the already embedded KineMaster premium subscription. So you won’t ever need to pay a single cent for any stuff inside the app. Just enjoy!

Is KineMaster Pro Without Watermark?

Yes, Watermark Remover is also one of the premium features available inside this modified app. So despite downloading the official version, you can download KineMaster MOD APK with the free Watermark remover extension.

Which is the latest version of KineMaster Pro?

Kinemaster Pro v5.2.9 is the most current version of the app, consisting of all the newest tools and resources uploaded in the official app.

How do I download KineMaster Pro Unlocked with the Chroma Key?

Not a big deal! All You need is to click the above link for KineMaster Pro APK, redirecting you to the Download page. After that, You’ll have to click the download button and make the KineMaster Pro APK with unlocked Chroma Key all yours! 

How much is KineMaster Pro?

If you’re asking for the official KineMaster version, it’ll cost you 1299.00 INR/year. Still, happily, the KineMaster Pro is a 100% free Android app offering you the same features as the paid membership at the same convenient app interface. Isn’t it great? Try it on your own ASAP!

Can I edit videos in 4K using Kinemaster Pro APK?

Absolutely! You can edit all your videos with the professional tools and resources on the KineMaster Pro, and export them in 4K UHD quality to amaze all your video traffic, friends and family.

How to download Kinemaster full version?

KineMaster MOD APK is the full version of the KineMaster, containing the already enabled premium subscription and entirely unlocked resource library, without a single payment. Click the above download link and download the app.

Is that safe to download the Kinemaster MOD APK?

Yup! KineMaster MOD is a legit Android application and 100% safe to download and install on your Android smartphone. It’ll help you complete all your Video Editing tasks merely with the free premium support and operate conveniently without having enabled root access.

If you are facing any problems while installing the app and want to troubleshoot the issue then you can prefer this article – KineMaster Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Last Thoughts:

Wrapping up the article! Ultimately, now you can understand the importance of the KineMaster Pro App in enhancing your Video Editing skills and creating the most compelling videos to engage millions of followers.

It’s a 100% free Android application and will help you with the entirely unlocked app interface. You’re needed to click the above link, and you’ll automatically get redirected to the download page, after which you can download the fully unlocked APK file. Enjoy the advanced Video Editing without spending your money on any Android application!

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